Soft Launch Strategy Mini Course

FOR COACHES & CREATORS WHO want to launch but want simple & feasible before expensive and complicated.

Complicated & Expensive Launches? It doesn't have to be

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Soft Launch Strategy gives you a repeatable way to launch with students ready & waiting

If you've been intimidated by the complicated and expensive launches that you see major online course creators produce, then this is for you.

There's no need to have it all figured out from the beginning. You can start with an idea, and use the strategy and checklists in this mini-course guide you through a launch with less stress but as much impact as a big production. This is for the entreprenuer starting out on their course creation journey.

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Mini Course: Takes you through a 3-4 month timeline from idea through various stages of a soft launch. Showing you how to develop your idea along with finding students and validating your offer. IDEAL FOR NEW COURSE CREATORS!

Gold Digging: We'll go gold digging through your content to find ways to entice more students to your course as you create new content.

Promotional Ideas eBook: Packed with ideas to promote your course ongoing through organic channels that offers variety for the different stages you are in.


Once you purchase Soft Launch Strategy, you will get an email with a log into your Course Area. There are 5 power-packed videos & a Workbook that you can use to plan as many launches as you like.

You'll also find:

  • Timelines for each launch stage

  • Proven Strategy I use with my 1:1 clients

  • Relief knowing your plan ahead of time

  • Ideas for beta testers and first students


If you are not fully satisfied with Soft Launch Strategy, and you're ready to forfeit your right to revisit the content, reach out to us at [email protected] within 14 days and get a full refund.

Stop struggling with getting your course off the ground –
let us help you make it happen quickly and easily.

BE KIND TO YOURSELF- This is Easy Street

I worked with 1:1 clients for well over a year before I systemized every step into these launch tactics that work for first time and early course creators. You're minutes away from a HUGE shortcut in your development learning curve FOREVER and use these proven timelines.

FINALLY, Launch your course the easy way...and leave your bank balance in tact

get your course(s) launch ready

Soft Launch Strategy gives you Repeatable strategies for all your digital product ideas

  • The Soft Launch Strategy works for all types of courses

  • It gives you creative ideas you may not have thought of!

  • Tactics will help with design, course content, student engagement & promotion

  • Learn how we systemize our course production to save time & headaches

  • Get real life examples I've used with my 1:1 clients!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Would the Soft Launch Strategy work even if I have a specific niche?

While some industries and topics may have some specific factors you need to consider, on the whole, course content follows the same general outline and strategy no matter what you’re teaching. The Course Catalyst templates will work for everyone, regardless of the industry they’re in.

I Already Have Some Experience Making Courses — Should I Still Consider the Soft Launch Strategy?

Absolutely! The resources & timelines in the Soft Launch Strategy are designed to help course creators of all skill levels save time & money PLUS avoid a stressful launch experience.

What Makes the Soft Launch Strategy Different From Other Similar Products?

I get it — you’ve probably seen and heard of lots of ways to launch. However, these timelines are different because they've been proven for first time and early course creators who want to keep their budget in tact, but still provide the knowledge for their clients.

Please Note:

Awesome course launch strategies may cause boat loads of student engagement and massive amounts of upleveling in your business!

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